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"As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears."

Hi and welcome to Pixels & Crowd!

My name is Yaseen. Originally from Pakistan, I have been living in the British Isles (Ireland & UK) since 2006. I have been residing in Bristol, England since 2018.

My Background

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business and two Masters in Computer Science (Taught & Research). I have worked at renowned companies like IBM, Mastercard, Intel, and Boeing, where I gained invaluable experience in researching and building modern solutions for businesses. My expertise primarily lies in SAAS-based applications, covering both front-end and back-end development. Additionally, I have a keen interest in website development, particularly using WordPress. I am a creative person passionate about technology and its potential to benefit businesses. You can read about my digital technology/business inventions/patents here.

The Digital Landscape Today

Today, we live in very exciting times. With internet access now almost a given. More and more business is being done online through websites. We are at a crossroads with generative AI. This could be the biggest thing since the invention of computers. Technology is progressing at a rapid pace that’s hard to keep up with. This rapid change creates enormous opportunities but also a lot of confusion due to the overwhelming choices and buzzwords.

Your Business Needs

In all this, let’s focus on you as a business owner. What is it that you want? The answer is likely a successful business with more customers, more sales, and more profit. For you as a business owner, any technology is useless no matter how shiny and cool it is. If that technology is not helping you achieve more profit.

Our Mission

This is the core reason I started Pixels & Crowd. I want to leverage my passion for technology to ensure the success of your business. Let’s create a website that prioritizes your business and uses the latest digital technology to give you a competitive edge. Let’s get you ahead in the digital race.

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