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At Pixels & Crowd, we understand the true reason for a business website. It’s a business investment that needs to attract customers and increase profits. A business website must work 24/7 to market your business, generate revenue, arrange meetings, and communicate on your behalf even while you sleep or are busy elsewhere.

Ever Changing Digital Landscape

The digital technology world is changing rapidly. It’s easy to get confused by the jargon and overwhelming buzzwords. But at the end of the day, if your website is not winning you customers, what is really the point of having a website?

Our Goal

Our goal is simple. We want to make your website work for you in the best way possible. The open secret to achieving this is by understanding your business and using digital technology to reach your business goals. We invest time at the start to learn about your business and your ambitions. This is the most important step. If we get this right, then everything we do in the technology domain will work towards those business goals. Understanding your requirements impacts every aspect of the website design, from the colours we use to the content we write and the pages we create. Every part of the website needs to convey a unified and consistent message.

Your Business And Digital Opportunities

We make sure your business benefits the most from all the opportunities that digital technology brings. Whether it’s new tools in AI, or digital communication, we use our understanding of your business to design and create a website that not only uses the latest technology but also wins you customers.

Expertise You Can Trust

At Pixels & Crowd, we have a background and experience in diverse digital domains. Our team has extensive experience in software development, providing us with a deep understanding of how technology can be harnessed to solve real business challenges. We have worked with a range of technologies, from web development to AI integration, ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. This experience allows us to deliver solutions that are not only innovative but also practical and tailored to your business needs.

Join us at Pixels & Crowd, where your website becomes a powerful tool for success.

Our Services

custom website design and development icon

Custom Website Design & Development

We create websites that look great and also help your business grow. By understanding your business model using Storybranding, SWOT analysis, we build websites that are optimised to bring revenue.
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website feature development icon

Website Feature Development

We specialize in enhancing your website with either a simple once off work e.g. adding a picture gallery or more advanced features e.g. tuning and integrating AI Chat Bots, Creating Custom Widgets etc. No work is too small.
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AI Solutions for websites icon

AI Solutions for Websites

We use Artificial Intelligence to improve your website. Our AI services include Model tuning, AI Chatbots for 24/7 support, Data Analysis tools for insights, and personalized user experiences to keep visitors engaged. These solutions help your website stay competitive and dynamic.
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website testing and maintenance icon

Website Testing & Maintenance

Our Website Testing Services include Manual, Automated, and Performance testing to find and fix issues before they impact users. We also offer maintenance services to keep your website secure, updated, and running smoothly.
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Example of Our Work

HA Plumbing Services is a Newport, Wales-based business. Although the business was performing well, they needed a website to drive more business. We began by creating a storybranding document and analyzing their impressive 9.4/10 review rating on This process helped us understand their work approach, unique qualities, and competitive advantages.

We discovered that the owner is genuinely passionate about plumbing, loves fixing things, and helping people. His friendly and approachable nature, along with a commitment to transparent pricing, were key differentiators. Based on these insights, we designed a website that highlights these strengths, ensuring that the site reflects his passion, approachability, and straightforward pricing.

Our Process


Initial Consultation

Understand client requirements and goals.



Develop a strategic plan tailored to the client's needs.


Design Mockups

Create initial design mockups for client review.


First Payment

Send invoice and receive initial payment.



Build your fully customized WordPress website.



Perform rigorous testing to ensure functionality and performance.


Final Payment & Handover

Transfer all necessary details for future management and make the website live.

Design and Dev Calculator

The website Calculator tool is just to give you an idea of the work involved and should be taken as a price guide only. It is not the final price quote. That’s because each requirement is different and pricing depends on the actual effort that will be required in your particular case.

The way we calculate is any work required is estimated and multiplied by hours it will require. Our hourly rate is very competitive. 

Please contact us so we can understand how best we can help. 

Final quote maybe less or more of any estimation you maybe getting here.

Cost Calculator

WordPress Website Cost Calculator

Initial Setup

(Includes Setting up hosting account, configure server settings, deploying website.)

Total Initial Setup Cost: £0

Design and Implementation Phase

(We will work with you to create a story branding document which is a guide that defines your brand’s unique story, values, and message. This will be used in the design of your website.)

(Consult on colour schemes, create colour palette, apply to website)

(Consult on font choices, select fonts, apply to website)

(Design logo concepts, revisions, finalise logo)

(Develop site map, plan navigation structure)

(Create wireframe, review with client, adjust based on feedback)

(Create wireframes for additional pages, review, and adjust)

(Design header, implement on website)

(Design hero section, add images and text, configure layout)

(Design text section, add content, configure layout)

(Develop testimonial content, design section, configure layout)

(Design services section, add service descriptions and images, configure layout)

(Design prices section, add pricing details, configure layout)

(Design form, configure fields, integrate with backend)

(Create FAQ section, add questions and answers)

(Design footer, add links and copyright information)

(Create additional pages, configure layout, add content)

(Conduct SEO audit, optimize content, configure meta tags)

(Set up Google Analytics account, integrate tracking code with website)

(Basic setup based on an off-the-shelf solution like, including initial configuration and customization. Suitable for businesses starting with AI chatbots.)

Total Cost: £0

Please note there maybe other cost. e.g. any paid plugins we may use. But we will try to keep them to minimum

Total Cost: £0

Website Feature Calculator

Again, this should give you an idea of types of standalone feature work we can do on your existing website. Please contact us so we can provide you with a final quote. 

Final quote maybe less or more of any estimation you maybe getting here. 

One-Off Work Cost Calculator

Select Your Services

Basic setup based on something off the shelf like, including initial configuration and customization. Suitable for businesses starting with AI chatbots.

Ensures website compliance with GDPR regulations. Includes policy updates, data handling procedures, and basic checks.

Implementation of a cookie compliance tool. Ensures legal compliance for cookie usage.

Integration with your calander for scheduling. Simplifies appointment booking for clients.

Adding a blog section to an existing WordPress website that already has theme setup and menu integration.

Creation of additional website pages. Includes basic design and content setup.

Embedding Google Maps on the website. Useful for displaying business locations.

Implementation of a carousel section. Includes design and setup for showcasing images or content.

Writing copy/text for a single page of around 300 words. Ideal for marketing or informational content.

Basic on-page SEO services. Includes keyword optimization and meta tags setup.

Adding and configuring a form on the website. Useful for contact forms or surveys.

Setup of an FAQ section to address common questions and concerns on an existing page.

Setup of an FAQ section on a new page, including design and initial content integration.

Setting up Google Analytics. Provides insights into website traffic and user behavior.

Total Cost: £0

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