Website Testing & Maintenance

"What is the bravest thing you've ever said?" asked the boy. "Help," said the horse.


A business website’s main goal is to attract customers and generate revenue. Completing the development of a website does not mean the work is done. It needs to be fully tested and maintained.

If a website is not properly tested, it will end up being tested by your clients, which can harm your reputation.

With so much choice available, a potential client will leave if your website is frustrating in any way. If an issue is found during testing, it must be corrected promptly. Alongside this, we ensure everything is updated and functions as required.


Website testing is a thorough examination of your website to identify and fix any issues before they impact your users. Our value comes from understanding your business and its unique requirements. Professional testing ensures that any bugs are discovered and fixed before your clients encounter them.

Our Approach to Testing Websites
  • Your Business First Approach: We focus on understanding your unique business needs, ensuring our solutions align with your goals.
  • Diverse and Intensive Experience: Our team leverages extensive experience across various industries, bringing a wealth of knowledge to every project.
  • Utilizing Technology and Best Practices: We employ the latest technologies and best practices to deliver top-notch results.

We offer various types of testing, including:

  • Automation Testing: Efficient and thorough, covering a wide range of scenarios.
  • Intensive Functional Testing: Ensuring every feature works as intended.
  • Performance Testing: Measuring speed, responsiveness, and stability under load.
  • Cross-Browser and Cross-Platform Testing: Ensuring compatibility across different browsers and operating systems.


Maintaining your website involves several key activities to ensure it continues to function smoothly and efficiently:

  • Bug Fixes: Identifying and removing any bugs found.
  • Functionality Updates: Adding any new functionality as required.
  • Website Updates: Keeping the website updated with the latest standards and technologies.
  • Onsite SEO Maintenance: Ensuring your website remains optimized for search engines.
  • Necessary Changes: Implementing any changes required to improve performance and user experience.


Our process for website testing and maintenance is collaborative and thorough:

  1. Understanding Needs: We start by understanding what needs to be tested and create a plan in collaboration with you. At this stage it is a high level plan and this is all done at no cost to you.
  2. Creating a Testing Document: A detailed testing document is created and approved by you.
  3. Executing Tests: All tests are executed, and any bugs or issues are reported.
  4. Maintenance and Fixes: If we are also responsible for maintenance, we ensure that any identified issues are fixed promptly.

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